How To Treasure Success with CCNA Certification This Year?

Cisco offered a certification course CCNA (Certified Cisco Network Associate) validates and expertise an individual’s skills to configure, fix, and troubleshoot networks. Considered reputed by other vendors like HP, Jupiter, Dell, and many others in line Cisco CCNA certification course spreads forward a strong foundation for Network engineers putting all the essential basics in place. The CCNA certification fee is INR 22,000-25,000.

CCNA certification roadmap

Following is a layout of points said to be designed as a roadmap to Certified Cisco Network Associate (CCNA) certification course

  • Study for the exam
  • Payment of application
  • Process of examination
  • Results and scores
  • Cycle of certification
  • The afterward required recertification

Tips to pass the Cisco certification exam

  • Getting practical experiences is a must.
  • Collection of proper material of preparation.
  • Regular practice test schedules are needed.
  • Brush up on knowledge before the exams.
  • Breather is a must.

Are you eligible for CCNA?

A certification is surely an eye-catching option for many who graduate since there are no formal eligibility criteria for the CCNA exam. Also, a point to be mentioned is that most of the companies prefer to hire candidates with CCNA certification, ignoring the experience level of the applicant.

Is CCNA certification Accredited?

CCNA stands firm on the pillars of top business organizations backing it. Cisco, A networking world leader, operates it aiming to transform people’s way of collaborating, communicating, and manufacturing equipment in IT communication used today. Thus the CCNA certification course is globally recognized.

Way to get Certified

The candidate has to crack CCNA certification related exams to get certified. There are two ways to obtain the grades for passing.

  • Combined CCNA Exam (200-120)
  • ICND1 Exam (100-101) or ICND2 Exam (200-101)

The examination registration is directly done through Cisco. The interested candidate can also register with the help of qualified training partners.

The authorized training partner for exam conduction is Pearson Vue. 2 days prior, exam registration is recommended by them as per the planned date, and with the limited seats, there is always a rush. The one who registers first gets the slot. Your arrival at the test location at least 45 minutes before the examination is highly recommended. The eligibility score to pass the examination is 80% or above.

Need for the right CCNA certification training

It is ill-advised to stand at the examination center door without any prior training. You must train yourself for the battle before you step into it. Your Cisco training program should cover the following points. Cisco also provides CCNA course online training for interested candidates.

  • Subnetting and IP addressing
  • LAN and WAN design
  • Routing protocol
  • Network address translation
  • VOIP Basics
  • Firewall, Routers, Data Centre Introduction, and Switches
  • OSI Models
  • WLAN and VLAN
  • Switching concepts
  • ACL included management and network security
  • Wireless Essentials

Examination Structure

When you wish to crack the shell, you must know how hard it is. Following are the formats in which the examination is delivered.

  • ICND1: With a time limit of 90 minutes, the candidate is supposed to solve between 40-50 questions.
  • ICND2: With the time limit between 75-90 minutes, the candidates are asked to solve 40-50 questions.
  • Combined CCNA: With a time limit of 90 minutes, the candidate is supposed to solve between 45-55 questions.

How does the CCNA certification boost’s your career?

The CCNA certification is labeled as one of the most valued certifications within the industries opening up a variety of opportunities for the candidate to climb the stairs of a higher position. The statistics state that the CCNA certificate hikes the salary up to an average of 20%. Hence, professionals are recommended to get this certification to add value and get a boost in their careers.

What are the benefits of having a CCNA certification?

  • It helps you choose a specialization 
  • Play an important role in your recruitment and hiring process
  • Provides you with a large wealth of services
  • Helps you brush up your knowledge and experience level
  • Addition of this certification to you CV with help your climb up the ladder
  • You’ll be confirmed as a certified professional

There’s never been a better time to get started in a career as a Network Professional. With the industry expected to continue to grow – there’s a growing need for qualified and skilled network engineers. This training will provide you with the skills and knowledge to prepare you for entry-level network engineering keeping your career moving in the right direction.

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