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Blogging is one of the best ways to position yourself as a leader or subject matter expert. In this capacity you earn better social status as well as recognition on different channels.  However, like any other profession, you first need to prove your worth as a blogger. For that, you would end up managing your blog more efficiently.

In this post, we mentioned some of the best tools for bloggers for managing different aspects and parameters of your blog. It also hepls in boosting its SEO profile as well as Google ranking.

For that, you would end up managing your blog more efficiently. In this post, we mentioned some of the most competitive plugins for Blogs for managing different aspects.

Yoast to maintain SEO

Yoast is a power packed SEO plugin. It offers you the flexibility to assess the SEO potential of your WordPress blog post with higher accuracy.

You need to enter the focus keyword first. Depending upon that keyword the Yoast SEO will offer you the current stats of your post’s SEO position. It also providing you the actionable suggestion on how can you improve it?

Quick, accurate stats, easy jargon-free language, and short actionable sentences make it easier and quicker to understand and execute the suggestion quickly.

The plugins also instantly update the stats and suggestions as soon as you implement the changes.

The best thing is that after working for some time with Yoast you can also learn some major concepts of SEO-friendly writing.

Advanced analysis with Google Analytics

Deep and logical analysis is mandatory for ensuring that your posts receive the best response from audiences as well as search engines.

However, due to the plethora of different algorithms and every changing guideline, it is simply not possible to do it manually. Google Analytics comes to your rescue.

Google Analytics does ouch a quick overview and fined details about the major analytics that directly or indirectly affect the impact of your blog post some of the major parameters/factors included in Google analytics involve:

  • Top performing articles
  • Traffic from top country
  • Traffic days with top performance
  • Sign up page with best conversion rate
  • Source of traffic (like Facebook or Google)
  • Devices used by the visitors

Moreover, you also get some details about visitors’ demographics that allows you o better tailor your content to align best with the interest’s intent and profile f your audiences 

Gleam to create awesome mails

One of the oldest and very effective ways to efficiently grow your audience base is giveaways. Who does love a small treat anyways? While the giveaway products do matter a lot t is equally important to focus on the presentation as well.

Gleam is one such tool that enables you to create awesome giveaway forms with more detailed entry parameters. It offers you plethora o flexible options like newsletter signup, Twitter following, and referring friends. Tats are just the tip of the iceberg you tell have 15+ more options included in Gleam.

However, many bloggers fail to gain the best benefits out of his wonderful tool as they don’t use it to its fullest potential. For instance, it offers a very powerful yet less used option that facilitates seamless partnering with other bloggers.

In this model, every blogger needs the giveaways o your blog which atomically boosts the reach and equally expands the exposure of every participating blogger. Along with increasing popularity, this mechanism also helps you in branding and thus increases Th revenue potential of your blog.


It is right to say that blogging is an art. However, there I smoother truth as well- you need to diligently work on algorithms and analytics anyhow ant to earn a good income through your blog. There are lots of parameters that determine the visibility reputation and ranking of your blog.

So it is very important to manage these key parameters efficiently. However, it is better said than done. In this post, we presented a list of different tools that will facilitate blog management activities for you and relieve you to concentrate on your key tasks like producing blogs.

You can simply delegate the tedious management tasks to these tools. Invest your time and efforts where they are needed the most, i.e., producing high-quality posts on s constant basis.

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