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In The Aftermath Of Covid – Shivam Dube Blooms At His Best!

The beginning of this year has been in a continuum with the preceding darkness. Then, the country and the world were facing the second wave Covid-19 pandemic. Shivam Dube, the Mumbai all-rounder, was among the millions of people around the globe who were affected by the deadly virus. Even after being flamboyant in January 2022, he had to be eliminated from the Mumbai Ranji team. He had talked about what pandemic means to players when they are under confinement and how it leaves marks of mental illness on players. He clarified at that time the challenge of returning to the crease. 

In July 2021, Dube was about to begin another splendid inning of his life, and he tied a knot with his longtime girlfriend, Anjum Khan. After his marriage, he was infected with the virus, and his tweets show that confinement came as claustrophobic at this time. How both of them kept on supporting each other – as their hashtags continue in each post 

#together forever. 

As the days turned into years, in this year IPL, Dube has taken up the challenge he only articulated at that time. A spectacular knock of 95 not out has shown how determined he is to turn his words into actions. The CSK internal environment also helps him flourish at his best, particularly the presence of MS Dhoni is an add-on benefit for the CSK dressing room. The young batter remembers his first dialogues with one of the all-time great Indian skippers – besides Amarnath, Pataudi, Gavaskar, Kapil Dev, Ganguly, and Dravid. For the first time, MS Dhoni said to him, ‘Tu accha player hai, tera game accha hai, play your natural game and don’t think so much.’

Dube thinks this is a massive booster for him; he says how as a guide, Dhoni knows how to get a player to perform his best. When Dube knocked the splendid 95* out of only 46 balls, he confirmed the security and mental peace CSK dressing room gives him. After the magnificent 88-run partnership with Uthappa, he believes that such counterattacking knocks are only possible when considerable support is received from the team seniors. 

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CSK hasn’t been very consistent in their performance this year, and after four consecutive losses, they managed a couple of wins. After eight matches, they have confirmed two wins and six losses; such performance naturally makes the dressing rooms topsy-turvy, media keeps on blaming – supporters get dismayed. All of these increase expectations from each player. In such a condition, finding a dressing room supportive, shows that Dubeis,  beyond the crease, a team man through and through. 

However, this success is not limited to particular innings; instead, his shining days continued with two more outstanding innings of 57 in 30 balls against Punjab and 49 in 30 balls against Lucknow. Dube prioritizes the supportive mentality of his teammates as one of the keys to his success.

Dube is starting to gain popularity in cricket fantasy as he is one of the chosen favorites due to his batting consistency . Fantasy cricket is a virtual cricket app where millions of cricket buffs get engaged to create their team after considering the actual performances in the matches to score points. So naturally, building teams in fantasy cricket depicts one’s personal choice and the knowledge of cricket. Dube’s performance has been so exciting this year – it makes no sense if one eliminates him from their team before a CSK match.

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