How to draw birds

How to draw birds? Learning birds of life to draw is a sport as much as art is. The birds rarely hold, then catch on paper requires a combination of observation, good reflexes, and a fast pencil. You can work by photos, but one of the rewards birds pull for life is that they know well.

Although they spend a lot of time, we live our lives surrounded by birds. It could be pigeons on telephone lines, house pests in the hedges, or geese on golf courses. Birds may be visible in the wildlife. They are easy to see and study and not too difficult with the practice.

A sketch, binoculars, and a pencil are my most important devices. I use a mechanical pencil – no sharpening requirements that would slow me down. Binoculars are excellent if you have them, but if you do not, start with birds that can be approached.

Do not try to make designs when you learn to pull birds. Instead, please give them the original destination of organized doodles with nozzles and springs. With time and practice, of course, their drawings will be polished more, but now think about pursuing a bird’s love in a new way. Here are eight methods that you are preparing for success.

How to draw bird

Loosen with gestures

The birds are rarely sitting down. Then they have to “grow up a solid hand to catch up and learn to draw them. It leaves you with fast spirals, sticks, and each nonsense in a doodle that your hand synchronized with the eye. Define a timer and fast sketch objects. Attacking birds, draw a tree, a stone, or shoe. Let the details go and go for the gesture.

Draw sifted birds, captive or filled.

Now where they are warmed up, they will draw birds cooperatively. Zoos, Bird Gibbers, Ententeiche, and Taxidermy support offer birds of people used to people – or holding permanently.

Draw a bird on his favorite pole

Enjoy a bird’s habits to predict when and where it will ask you to teach you birds. The hawks, the bluebirds, and the flycatchers scan regular poles, while a meadowlark or a dickcissel could sing the same closure post all day during the breeding season. In my Oklahoma district, dragon Mississippi hanging around all summer in neighboring trees. I can pull them from my darling pole: a wicker chair on the porch.

Learn the basic concepts of anatomy

It contributes to how a bird drawing built and set the names of his pieces. You want to understand spring brochures, learn the difference between the main pen and wing ceilings, and know what the feet do.

To get familiar with

Learn to pull birds by really knowing – putting on the same way, again and again, to save it in muscle storage. Their drawings will improve through repetition and familiarity with a single kind. Select a sparrow to a charger or seagull on the track and fill a page or two. To study heads. Train to see how the eye goes the bill and like feet give a branch. The next time you draw, you will be able to “feel” that your drawing is correct or not.

The freezing method.

It is a good technique to draw moving birds (or those who are just a little excited). It is how it works: Wait until the bird catches up with an attitude, then “SCHOTT” a mental image by closing the sealed eyes to “fix” the pose in your head. Open your sights and look at the article. The picture “Ghost” of the bird floats for one or two seconds with a small practice. Draw it before it does not dissolve. Then look at the bird again. Does he have sharp advice on his tail? Torn on his chest? Is there a motive on his face? Watch further and draw things as you notice them. I like to write notes of color and behavior on the side of the drawing.

The blind outline method

The main requirements here are practice, trust, and humor. It is how it works:

  1. Look directly at the bird with your pencil on the paper.
  2. Do not leave your bird’s eyes while drawing.
  3. After a few moments, check the paper to see what you have shot.

Consuming the view of the bird added other lines to the drawing. The results can be a little unpredictable, but you can handle a lot of character and life with this method if you learn to draw birds. Besides, it’s a scream (words), no matter what you get.

Draw with a video

Motion studies of recorded or live birds are ideal for these moments if they cannot be in nature. And of system, you can, whenever you enjoy, “Pause.” I sometimes connect my iPhone with a Fylfot in a Dig scoping technique, which allows me to get multiple positions of a single video and naturally see that a bird is attentive. Webcams streaming inaccessible places like Eagles nests and distant swollen colonies maintain resources.

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