How is Forum IAS for the Mains answer writing compared to EDEN IAS?

Forum IAS for the Mains answer writing

More the options, more is the confusion.  Even the paradox of choices also talks about the same that “having many choices seems attractive at first, but can be ultimately paralyzing.” Same is the case here in the Market of UPSC.  There is no dearth of sources for any of the demand of the aspirants, but the options available for everything makes it tough to take the decisions.

Let’s limit ourselves to the demand of the question. So, it cannot be said that which one is good and which one is bad. However, a comparative analysis I am going to give, which makes you to understand that which one is going to suits your demand.

First let’s understand why Mains Answer Writing is important?

Answer writing practice makes you to work smartly under time and space constraint, which is one of the biggest hurdles in UPSC Mains Examination. Not only this but answer writing practice makes you to be the best in articulating your thoughts by covering all the possible dimensions. So yes, it is very important.

Now coming to the important part.

Features of Forum IAS Mains answer writing is: posting 3-4 questions on website based on current affairs, reviewing it the next day and model answers for the questions. So yes, there is no personal attention and guidelines. And more or less every coaching’s answer writing programmed has same features.

If I have to talk about EDEN IAS Answer Writing programmed, then it is really different than the other coaching’s answer writing programmed. Here two kind of answer writing programmed are there.

  • For Beginners: SUGAM
  • For the Aspirants facing Average Marks Issue: STEPS

Features of SUGAM programmed are:

  • This programmed is for the beginners who are totally new, means they don’t know anything about how to write answers!!
  • It is module-based programmed means if you are weak in any of the four papers i.e., GS1, GS2, GS3 and GS4, you can join that specific module and be pro in that.
  • This is related to the static syllabus; current affairs are not the part of this programmed.
  • Model answers will be given and time bound evaluation of copies are there.
  • One to one mentorship and tips for value addition is also there.

Features of STEPS programmed are:

  • This programmed is basically for the people who are facing plateau in their GS paper marks.
  • This programmed coves all the papers in a week plus essay writing practice is also there.
  • This programmed covers static plus current both portions.
  • Model answers for the questions will be given and time bound evaluation of copies are also there.

The segregation of the programmed makes this institutes programmed different from the other institutes answer writing programmed. This segregation divides difficulty level of the question too.

Hope this comparison makes you to understand which one is your cup of tea. Good Luck…😊

How to start preparing for Civil Services after the class 12th?

There are many who considers the UPSC civil services exam as one of the toughest exams and somehow it is true.

EDEN IAS which is one of the premier institutes offering EDEN IAS which is one of the premier institutes offering 3 years upsc coaching which is solely for undergraduates. Classes aim to provide a well-connected structure to get the topics in mind and complete the syllabus on time.

which is solely for undergraduates. Classes aim to provide a well-connected structure to get the topics in mind and complete the syllabus on time.

I am assuming you are about to complete your graduation and dreaming about joining any UPSC coaching for making you dream come true. So, if I have to say, then there is nothing like best month to join . As in every month you will get the news of starting of new foundation batches. And now a days it is like this only.

But yes, it is advisable don’t join any foundation classes just before 2months of Prelims crash course paper and yes best time would be join the classes just . After giving you graduations final paper (if want to devote only one year.) But if you want to devote . More than a year and have time then go for foundation classes just after completion of 12th class.

Happy Writing!!!!!

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