Everything you need to know about Hireflex

Do you have a company, organization, or employer, then you should give the Hireflex platform a try? Most organizations have their own human resources department which does its job when recruiting new staff. But in this article, we have talked extensively about how departments can save valuable time and money by using the Hireflex platform for recruitment or screening tests. Before going any further on how Hireflex works, you should familiarize yourself with Hireflex. Let’s see “What is Hireflex”?

What is hireflex?

If you are searching for a way to boost the efficiency of the recruitment procedure, Hireflex will prove an excellent choice for you. Hireflex is an application that is cloud-based and supports companies in conducting online tests for job applicants. This platform enables tenants and hiring managers to administer reviews and view customer testing videos. Businesses can also set up and manage their teams to manage reactions and assign duties. A squad can work jointly to survey and evaluate nominee responses. This policy can be customized and stamped for each firm. It endorses languages ​​and regions and is responsive to all appliances. It delivers the same familiarity across all appliances and browsers.

Hireflex concentrates on retail, cafes, and hospitality jobs in the United States. This platform pertains to employees with probable new hires and allows them to correlate for jobs online. It includes a simple and beneficial planning process that eradicates employer prejudice. The service is founded in India but its offices are in the United States and Europe. In expansion to boost companies to find new employees, Hireflex also provides a platform for firms to enlist prevailing laborers.

One of the main advantages of Hireflex is that it is easy to use. This gives employers access to thousands of commercial jobs across the country. Consumers can find the right employees for their business without wasting important time interviewing hundreds of candidates. You can also utilize the strategy to self-check and send schedules. This application authorizes employees to log in via their mobile phone and call the center number. However, due to zoning abilities, this characteristic proved hazardous, and credible laborers encountered holdups in payments.

Is Hireflex free to use?

No, Hireflex is not free to use. The user has to pay its fees to use it. Payment relies on the number of nominees that you want to consult or interview. But its enrollment is free of cost. But an important thing is that you have to pay a monthly fee if you want to use the network.

It has two pricing policies. The small plan is free of cost for people, and the massive strategy is for businesses that need a more bespoke outcome. For large companies, custom plans are more costly but offer countless branding choices. There are two business plans, one for small businesses and one for large businesses. In both circumstances, the payment is the same. In a white label plan, you can have as much as you want. A white label option is a great choice for companies to redeem time at the door.

A free-of-cost subscription

A free subscription is available for small businesses. The excellent edition of the service permits the users to fix their own prices and how extensively they can spend. If you are looking for a part-time job, it is nice to reimburse a few dollars more per hour. So you can bring an idea of ​​what the monthly rates are before you sign up. If you want to sign up for a trial account then you can, but you’ll need to be registered with Hireflex if you want to know whether it is right for you or not. 

Hireflex premium edition is available in two different schemes. one is a small size plan and the second is a medium plan. You can glimpse thousands of commercial jobs and perceive them from anywhere. you can choose a pass package according to the needs of employees. You can select from three various pricing plans according to your desires but all of them have their different advantages and disadvantages. The free plan is a good choice for short budgets.

Hireflex is a platform which is available for paid test screening. You can select a small or medium plan. The latter comprises a custom schedule. In the free version of Hireflex you can use the application or call the center number to deliver your graphics. Apart from that, with Hireflex you can also use the white label option and have an endless number of branding themes. If you are using the free version and want to use more features but for this, you have to pay money.

In which way hireflex works? 

As you know, Hireflex is a platform that provides you with the facility of an online screening test that allows companies, unions, and numerous bureaus to engage recent employees. Hireflex is working online, making video interviews and inviting each candidate to answer as he pleases. His reflex supports hiring skilled employees, it will prove to save department time and speed up the hiring process.

Here I’m putting some reviews of Hireflex which will definitely convince you to use it.

According to SoCal Counseling Center:

“After utilizing Helfix, they ameliorated his own hiring procedure by 90%. Hireflex is the nicest hiring software on my catalog this year”.

According to Propel International

“Using this outlet is relatively simple, we swiveled it out to 1000+ people and the familiarity was flawless. Furthermore, the client service is awesome.”

According to Skyeng

“Only use Hireflex. There are no nice choices. I tried more than 30 assistance. Hireflix is the nicest by far and we do +4000 interviews a month.”

Why should you use Hireflex?

In this era, every business has a department that can handle all the activities belonging to hiring. In such a case a question must come to your mind. That question is why should I use Hireflex? when a full department is available to do the hiring activities. So I’m going to answer your question with the following key points.

  • You don’t need any scheduling
  • You can handle more nominees in less time
  • You can share recorded interviews
  • Combined with your ATS
  • Tremendous nominee experience

You don’t need any scheduling

As you know that Hireflex gives you an online screening test and the plus point is that you don’t need to prepare any extra scheduling calls and skypes. 

You can handle more nominees in less time

Hireflex can process hundreds of competitors and conduct a complete interview in just minutes.

Allow sharing of a recorded interview

Hireflex also provides the facility to share the recorded interview to improve the quality of the screening tests.

Combined with your ATS

Hireflex can also persuade conservatory nominees.

Tremendous nominee experience

Hireflex is an online screening testing setting that allows nominees to easily give interviews from different cities.

I hope you understand why we use Hireflex? It is a simple and credible platform for recruiting competitors.

Accessible video interviewing proposals

Like other outlets, Hireflex is a paid test screening platform. But Hireflex is completely inexpensive compared to other tools. There are two main options, you can select each according to your own needs. These two options are a monthly plan and an annual plan. You can choose one of them according to your willingness. 

Monthly plans

The monthly plan is divided into three further options which I’m going to discuss in detail. After understanding them you can choose one of them according to your needs. 

  • Small plan
  • Medium plan 
  • Custom plan

Small plan

If you have a small business or organization which consists of 50 or less than 50 workers then you should choose this plan. This plan may work perfectly for you. If you think about how much it will cost to buy this plan, I will make it clear. You have to pay 150$ per month if you want to take advantage of its tremendous features. And you can also discontinue it anytime. You can get the following benefits from this plan.

  • Unlimited user seats
  • Unlimited positions
  • Unlimited Interview responses
  • All features included. 

An additional advantage of a small plan is that you can try it for free for a month. Now let’s navigate toward the medium plan.

Medium plan

A medium plan will be beneficial for you if your company has 50 to 500 laborers. But as you know that this is a paid platform so first, you have to buy this plan if you want to use it. If you want to buy it for a month you have to pay 300 $ and you will use its useful features for a month. You will get the following benefits for a month if you buy this plan.

  •  Unlimited user seats
  • Unlimited positions
  • Unlimited Interview responses
  • All features included.

Custom plan 

The third and last plan is the custom plan. You can use it according to your conditions. Requirements can be corporates, huge volume refines, recruitment agencies, etc. You will buy this plan. But the payment of this plan depends on your requirements. After buying this you will get the following benefits.

  • Unlimited user seats
  • Unlimited positions
  • Tailored to your needs
  • All features included.

Annual plans

You can also buy the above-mentioned plans annually at a discount of 50%. This is great news if you are willing to purchase this. You can also avail of this offer in the small-medium and custom plans.

Features of Hireflex

Hireflex is a useful, reliable, and unique platform. There are different features involved in making it more reliable and unique. Now let’s discuss those features.

  • Take less than one minute to build an interview.
  • Ask competitors for scale 
  • Seamless competitor adventure, everywhere, anywhere.
  • Examination responses as a team.
  • World-class assistance
  • More data protection.

Take less than one minute to build an interview

Hireflex offers video or text questions, personalized introductory and conclusion videos, personalized thinking and answering time, personalized question loops, availability of white labels, infinite branding themes logos, colors, and company names.

Ask competitors for scale

Hireflex can also deal with personal and group CSV invitations, links for shared interviews (where applicants can apply themselves), automated email/SMS/Whatsapp proposals, indications, and messages for completed interviews.

Seamless competitor adventure, everywhere, anywhere

No app, no login or registration required. Hireflex also responds to all end devices, be it desktop, tablet, mobile, and runs on all common browsers like Google Chrome. It is also available in all countries and multiple languages.

Examination responses as a team

Share answers with links (no login required), survey replies at various speeds, rates, and comments on answers, you can add team members to your account, you can also be allowed to download videos of the interviews.

World-class assistance

Hireflex has custom integrations and includes live demonstrations, instant chat, and email assistance. Hireflex is known for the best support in the business.

More data protection

Hireflex is GDPR compliant completely and pursues outstanding security criteria. You can sign in to Hireflex using single sign-on (SSO).

Method to register yourself in Hireflex

Now if you decide to use Hireflex first you need to register yourself. So for this, I’m giving some instructions that may help you to understand how to register yourself in Hireflex. 

  • First, go to the official website of Hireflex by clicking on the link “”.
  • After clicking a new page will come to the fore on the screen, now click on the signup option.
  • The next page contains a form.
  • Now enter your first name and last name on that form. 
  • After this enter your company name. 
  • Now put your email address.
  • Now it is time to secure your account by setting a strong password.
  • Once you set it, confirm it.
  • After doing all activities click on create an account. Your account will be created.

You have now successfully created a Hireflex account. Be sure to verify your account by clicking on the verification link sent by the Hireflex team.

The complete procedure to log in to your Hireflex account

If you want to log in then first make sure that you have an account in Hireflex. If you have an account then logging in is a very easy procedure. You just need to follow the following instructions.

  •  The first step is to get access to the official webpage of Hireflex by clicking on the link “”.
  • A new page will appear that contains a form.
  • Enter your email address and password on that page.
  • Now simply click on the login.
  • You will log in to your account.

make it clear that your Hireflex account is active. Otherwise, you will need to create an account to follow the instructions above.

What to do if you forgot your account password?

In some cases, it is also possible that you have forgotten your password. Now this situation will prove to be critical if you are in a hurry to get access to your account. But without a password it is impossible. Now the only solution is to change your password if you want to log in to your account. So follow the following instructions to change your account password.

  • First, go to the authorized website of Hireflex by clicking on the link  “”.
  • The next page will ask you for your email address and password but you click on the forgot my password option. This option is available on the right side of the same page.
  • After clicking you will go to another page. Now enter your email address to recover your account. 
  • You will get a recovery message or a link to reset your password.
  • Now reset your password and after confirming it log in to your account by using your new password.

What is the procedure to book a demo?

Before buying any plan for you it is good to book a demo for free. So it is a very great option. When you go to the official site of the Hireflex you will go through an option that is ” book a demo”. So for utilizing this option you have to click and fill in some information that is mentioned here:

  • First, enter the “full name”.
  • Now add the “work email address”.
  • Now enter the “phone number”.
  • After this, mention the” company name”.
  • And lastly, click on the” book demo”.

I think I have explained well how to book a demo and you will precisely understand. But if you are still facing any problems or have any confusion then you should contact an official Hireflex team.

Some additional words about Hireflex

The company proposes many job vacancies. It depends on your knowledge and skills. You can apply online for all company and staff positions by logging into your account.  After registering to your account, you will be notified of new features and job openings in your account. The company has helped more than 10,000 people gain access. They can help you too. You just need to register via their website.


Hireflex is an online forum for online screening tests that corporations and offices use to recruit new workers. This platform assists In establishing valid and important information. Hireflex also offers customers a screening test video for reliability. Collectively this is a time-saving and useful app and you will get a lot of benefits if you use it.

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