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Clean Air: Tips to Maintain Clean Indoor Air Quality

Usually, people think that pollution is just outside. But the indoor space also gets polluted from various things inside your home such as furniture, gas stove, etc. which generates gas and debris. Pets inside our house are also responsible for polluting indoor air. It is possible to reduce indoor air pollution by following some tips and tricks to clean. Some of these tips are described as below:

Keep Your Eyes On Ventilation

Ventilation and air exchange plays a very important role in ventilation, heating, air conditioning, and maintaining clean air inside the home. Thus, you should keep your eyes on the home ventilation system. Make sure all the ventilation systems are appropriate and do not need to be fixed.

Check Outdoor Vents

It is important to let the fresh air enter your home and take away the stale air. But you should follow certain rules to do it. You should let the outdoor vents be open and thoroughly inspect your system. You should regularly inspect the system to make sure that vents are working properly and do not need any kind of changes. You should regularly clean the vents of your air conditioner. You should call the professionals such as the air conditioning Sydney contractor to check and clean the vents.

Keep Return Air Vents Clean

The vents of the ducted air conditioner also play an important role in maintaining the optimum quality of your air conditioning system. The large vents on the walls are also known as the return air vents. They help to pull the indoor air back to the heating and cooling system for ventilation, cooling, and heating purposes. You should keep the vents clean and avoid any kind of blockage.

Use Exhaust Fan

It is very important to install an exhaust fan inside the kitchen to pull away from the toxic fumes, moisture, and other pollutants out from the house. You should turn it on while you are cooking inside the kitchen because it can draw particles and gasses out of your home. It is really important when you are cooking on the gas stove. The heaters and stoves which burn fuel also release carbon monoxide and can lead to health problems. Thus, installing an exhaust fan is very important to ensure good indoor air quality.

Open Windows

If there is no exhaust fan in the kitchen and if it is not vented properly, then you should open your window slightly to allow the toxic fumes and gasses out of your home. By opening the window, you allow the fresh air to enter your home and stale air to get rid of toxic chemicals.

Open Fireplace Flue

If you have a wood-burning fireplace inside the home, then you will have a flue inside the chimney. It is a kind of duct that lets the smoke and gas move out of your house. You should keep it open to maintain the ideal air quality inside the home. If you fail to do so, then it will lead to smoke inside your home.

Replace Old Filter with New

There are so many appliances inside the home that use air filters such as furnaces, air conditioners, etc. The air filters are integrated with these appliances to keep dust and debris away. Over time, these filters start getting clogged and your system may not work properly. Ultimately, these filters will pollute the indoor air rather than trapping dust, debris, and allergens over time, which can also affect the air quality. Thus, it is very important to change the old filters with a new one after every three to four months.

Control Moisture Inside Home

Excessive levels of moisture can lead to mold, bugs, mildew, and bacteria. The moist vapors inside the home such as steam, standing water, water-damaged areas, etc. are also responsible for degraded air quality. There are so many ways to control the level of moisture inside the home. 

One of the best ways to control the humidity level inside the home is installing the exhaust fan in the bathroom and kitchen. It will help to get rid of moisture, contaminants, pollutants, and other harmful microbes from the kitchen and bathroom. You should let the fan on during the shower and bath. Another appropriate way to get rid of humidity is the installation of a dehumidifier. 

The latest technology air conditioners such as ducted air conditioning Sydney already have dehumidifiers installed in them. These air conditioners can help in maintaining optimum temperature and ideal humidity levels inside your home and office.

Quit Smoking

You should never smoke inside your home because it pollutes indoor air quality. Cigarette smoke is full of chemicals that can affect your Smoking and secondhand smoke is unsafe for your health. Secondhand smoke can also increase the chances of heart attack, lung infection, asthma, and allergies. Therefore, you should not allow anyone to smoke inside the home.

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